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Death of A Mango .....2nd installment in the Mango trilogy .... our band was disintegrating around this time.....we tried to record our set as a band, but our drummer moved back to Richmond first. What was left was these weird demos we had done where we didn't all track at the same time, and the drummer tracked last. Hilarity ensued. Things seemed salvageable to me, like i could turn it into a music collage of some sort. Direct influences, Youthbitch on the songwriting, somehow, their first tape got this idea in my head for what our set would sound like as we were transitioning away from being a pure reggae band. We were trying to head into reggae's future. Also 2nd generation Ariel Pink type shit was an influence, mostly Gary War, but also was listening to John Maus. the single is "Smoking on a Spliff (of Exotic Time)" , and the 2nd single is "Pissed off From Work (In a Good Way)." Our band never really got that popular in Austin and people would always complain to me that you couldn't hear the lyrics, and that whenever people would come to our shows it was mainly to hear the lyrics or something like that, so I have reproduced them all here, and they can live on and stuff.

recorded by the band in various locations around Austin on a Tascam 80, 1/4" 8 track.

mixing by Peter Nichols at Spookytown, Brattleboro VT, and Paul Millar, Bugsound, Austin TX

this was from 2013, i think


released March 9, 2015

Ethan - vox, bass, Eddy, rhythm, Chris Wig, lead, Joey F, drums. Ethan plays all instruments on a couple of the tracks



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spiked punch Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Pissed Off From Work (In A Good Way)
Im super pissed off from work
pissed off from work in a good way
im gonna go home and write a song
pissed off from work in a good way

the lyrics they don't come
like when i came to your door
i had to turn it right back around
cause jenny don't live here
jenny don't live here
jenny don't live here no more

Im super pissed off from work
pissed off from work in a good way
aww its just me and the 4 walls of existence now
pissed off from work in a good way

the feeling is there
and i just don't have a care
when left holding the bag
you know its not just
not just another
to me its not just another missed connection


this is from when i was a bike delivery dude from Jimmy Johns. Inspiration would strike when I was most pissed after a shift sometimes. Peter from The Great Valley / Grape Room , who mixed the album, said that he liked the wailing towards the end. I thought he meant the guitar, but he meant the vocals.
Track Name: In That Ol Midnite Hour
in that ol midnite hour
come and gone (coming on) was sticking around
sippin on a beer was found
i think i thought i thought i saw
a sign that mine a chick-a-saw
traveling by rickashaw
in that ol midnite hour
traveling by flower power
sippin cider rather dour
underneath a sweet smell flower

come a come come again, come again , chameleon

in that ol midnite hour
turn the lights down way down low
see ya later on around
in that ol midnight hour
take a trip with a new friend
in that o midnight hour
the world is feel in new again
in that ol midnight hour


I think I was at 29th Street Ballroom at a show when I thought of this track. I was just sitting on the benches outside, and it was late and there was a little electricity, but I was out of friends at the show so I was just gonna go home. But you know what they say, if you don't try harder, you didn't deserve it ! I think this song has a cool rhyme scheme, it kinda switches between the two chords, major chords a whole step off
Track Name: Nightripper
Silence on the end of the receiver but i know that someones there
is your refrigerator running?
last I heard it was running scared
smokin spliffs on the toilet
running to the phone
jeans at your ankles
but aint nobody home

we got a night ripper on our hands
its a code red
somebody sound the alarm
we got a night ripper on our hands
i think he thinks your Brigette Bardot,
the fuckin night ripper

we don't need any little fever
to know that we're in love
with the world seeking shelter
from the aliens above

I can sleep on the toilet
you can talk on the phone (to your mom all damn day)
i see you on the internet
like their aint nobody in the room

but we got a night ripper on our hands
its a code red
somebody sound the alarm
nightripper on our hands
I think we better call in Inspector Clouseau
to catch the nightripper


nightripper on our hands
its a code red
somebody sound the alarm
we got a night ripper on our hands
better grab a kitchen knife to kill the night ripper

got you at your own game, motherfucker

that same summer i was doing a lot of the bike delivery, I would go back to my house after my shift and get stoned on a spliff in my bathroom, while taking a post shift shit. it was up 2 flights of stairs in this nice wooden building, and downstairs were ppl from the movie Slacker. this song was kinda a joke i thought up. The "sound the alarm" part is from the reggae song. This song is mainly about what would be a good idea to write a song about....something stupid, like a horror movie.
Track Name: Nul Nil and Void
nul nil and void
circle gets the square
smoothie's talking to a waitress
but it isnt nice to stare

camp kisses from far away
see you in a year
making friends is just so easy
from the bottom of a beer

from the bottom of a beer
i hear those voices, theyre calling out my name
from the bottom of a beer
theyre saying spiked punch is the coolest band in the world

nul nil and void
circle gets the square
smoothies talking to a waitress
but she doesnt seem to care
oh lord
smoothies talking to a waitress
and hes all up in her ear

why dont things always go the way we plan?
i took some dirt from the road less travelled
ive been clutching it in my hands
a cigarette of redemption
is burning to ash
i reach down to grab another
and theres nothing left in my stash

nul nil and void
circle comes around
smoothie loves it in Wisconsin
now hes off to the next town,
oh lord
smoothie loves chillin out with you guys yeah
and he'll see you later on around


this song is an ode to meeting people on tour , but wanting to be their friends, not just that part where its a once in a lifetime meeting. Bands can't really be "friends " with other bands, like how you are friends with your friends....they are mostly just "buddies" , or "smoothies", but I think if you "make it" and they "make it" then you get to be friends. One of the great ironies of being in bands, because the friendship, the true friendship is really outside of financial motives, and maybe its romantic, but the best experiences might be with someone you only meet once
Track Name: Sinbad
Sinbad was a sailor / on the wide and open seas
he was traveling the trade routes / for unsuspecting merchant marines
with his gangly gang of sailors
they were scurvied to a T

and if you ever saw them coming you had better run away
better pray you can outrun them, else you'll rue to see the day
you would wish to only quickly die
and meet the makers hand
for Sinbad and his sailors were a curse to all the land

Their masthead was the tusk of a wild killer whale
They'd cut off all your fingers
and they'd send you home by mail

If you ever saw them coming it was probably too late
For Sinbad and his sailors weren't looking for a new first mate

Oh Sinbad and his men were a vile and vicious lot
in 30 years across the sea they never once got caught
it was in the year 2025 , just after world war 3
that Sinbad took a look around and said its time to set to sea

So Sailors take your notice
and maidens take your leave
better pray we not meet old sin bad
in the world that we achieve


I had this hilariously misguided idea at one time that if there were an apocalyptic scenario , the first person i would seek to band up with would be Todd P, the rock promoter from nyc. Cause he had all the rocker chicks at the time, and thats what I was into. This song is kinda a trick, its supposed to sound like its from 500 years ago, and then there is a twist that its actually taking place in the future. This one would have been cool to do as a band, because it was like 7 verses long, and when we recorded it the first time we fucked up where the verses and chorus' went, so i had to reassemble where the lyrics went, and then it was impossible for Joey to drum on later as well. There is a cool instrument on this track, the Grendel Drone Commander, and also this pocket piano. The drums got fucked up in the tape machine which was actually a good thing, they make a sound that you just won't hear anywhere else.....we ran them thru a space echo too.
Track Name: Buddy Cop Movie
Its a buddy cop movie and it feels so good
knowing someones got my back
we can agree to disagree
and no ones gonna question that

cause you're my man we were partners before
that word meant you were gay
we can express our feelings so free
even if we don't swing that way

theres a lot of shit on the job to make a mans blood pressure rise
they're criminals and they steal and they rob
and they're gonna take it all some day

my buddy here, he's an alcoholic
with a gambling problem, he's a flawed, flawed man
the boss wants his head on a silver platter
and the boss is a major douchebag

(dudes a fucking douche man, major stick up his ass)

but were buddy cops in a buddy cop movie
you got my back ill get you out of a jam
were riding on a Money Train called life
we go together like Tucker and Chan
and I got your back all the way
We've been doing it since Training Day

Buddy Cop Movie


my guitarist didn't like doing this one cause it sounds kinda gay, and he just wasn't all about that. haha . people can be so dumb. this was also a song where it was like just stupid jokes , stupid jokes being good fodder for making a song out of
Track Name: Smoking on a Spliff of Exotic Time
Smokin on a spliff of exotic time
smokin a spliff (x2)

Ive been smoking on a spliff
and Ive been riffing a riff
with my minds 3rd eye
motherfucker open wide

Smokin on a spliff of exotic time
smokin a spliff (x2)

Well I've been riffing on a riff
Im gonna pick it right out
so we can continue
with our conversation

Ive been living in a foreign country
none of these people were ever around
and we can start it all over
just like Crimson and Clover

Smokin on a spliff.......

most people don't get what being a rocker is all about. There is an overlying misconception, that actually extends to many rockers themselves. Maybe I should say, what touring is all about. its about a state of mind. its about rare time. its about freedom of thought. its about freedom from choice. I don't know, now I'm just riffing......but I wanted to tell my version.
Track Name: Maybe in a Ballroom, Maybe in a Film
I think i saw you in another life
maybe in a ballroom, maybe in a film
maybe in a classroom, maybe on the street
maybe on an astral plane
was there a part that couldn't help but feel the same
as in some long forgotten land?

If I touched your hand
and followed lines into your past
would there be something keeping me
from going too far back
is it the devil's prod
pushing us together
or is it something else all together?

like a bell hanging down from a tree
gives a sight for the birds to see
and to smile is to touch the ground

I think i saw you in another life
maybe in a ballroom, maybe in a film
maybe in a classroom, maybe on the street
maybe on an astral plane
was there a part that couldn't help but feel the same
as in some long forgotten land?

If i touched your hand
and told you where your life might go
would you believe a word i was saying was really so?
and if you closed your eyes
and woke up in an empty room
is it more cause your too late, or too soon?

like a candle at the bottom of the sea
keeps the water where it ought to be
and to sink is to surely drown

this was the first of all these songs to be written. It was written the last day of Spiked Punch's 7 week tour in 2011, outside The Secret Squirrel in Athens , GA. Actually the day before we were at the Plush Palace, a house that Wyatt from Werewolves was doing, and i was sitting on the side of the house, stoned, and I started crying a little bit. Overwhelmed. It was a transformative experience , all in all (the whole tour), and something I felt like we had to do to break through to a new set of superior musical merit. This was the first song. The 2 chords alternating, those were kinda ripped off from this reggae band we saw do a show in Asheville at this street fest. Its a minor chord in there, a I-v progression. This song is about existential longing, a typical rocknroll theme. There are a couple lyrics in there I was never happy with. We were supposed to put some manual tape flange on it, but never bothered so far, I still have the tape....maybe this will get released with a slight edit if it ever finds its way onto Vinyl. I think this song gets accused of having the most Ariel Pink influence on it, but I was really going for something else with the reverb off of a Twin Reverb soaking everything.